400 Series Environment Meters
With Bluetooth Technology

Tekneka 430 Mini Light Meter

430 Mini Light Meter

The measurement range of the Tekneka 430 mini light meter is 0 to 40kLux (0 to 4kFC). A bar graph with 40 segments is displayed on the device’s 2-inch LCD screen. Data export via the mobile application, real-time monitoring, and value recording are all made possible by the 400 series Bluetooth connectivity. 

440 Mini Temperature/Humidity Meter

Tekneka 440 is a mini temperature and humidity meter with a measurement range of -20 to 60°C and 0 to 100%RH. Larger digital digits on the 2-inch display screen will make it easier to see, and it has a number of features like Bluetooth connectivity, HOLD, LCD backlight, MIN/MAX, and more. The “Meterbox Pro” mobile application allows users to record values, view them in real-time, and export data.

450 Mini Sound Level Meter

There are three different measuring ranges on the Tekneka 450 Mini Sound Level Meter: 35 to 80dB, 50 to 100dB, and 80 to 130dB. A 2-inch display panel with larger digital values makes it easier to read the numbers. It is easy to change the A/C weighting in order to examine the environment’s frequency level. Utilizing the mobile application “Meterbox Pro”, the 400 series includes Bluetooth connectivity for data export, recording, and monitoring.

460 Mini Anemometer

Tekneka 460 is a mini anemometer that measures wind speed from 1.10 to 25m/s (217 to 4921ft/min). It has a 2-inch LCD screen with several features like hold, LCD backlight, MIN/MAX, and unit shifting. The Bluetooth connectivity of the 400 series enables data export via the mobile application, real-time monitoring, and value recording. Additionally, this device can measure air temperature between -10 and 60°C (14 to 140°F).

480 Mini Particle Counter

With a mass concentration range of 0 to 2000g/m3, the Tekneka 480 mini particle counter is utilized for accurate readings of particles as small as 2.5µm and 10µm. It contains a 2-inch LCD screen with values for the particle counter and particle mass concentration as well as air temperature (0 to 50°C/32 to 122°F) and relative humidity (0 to 100%RH). The Tekneka 480 offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, making it simple for users to transfer data to smart devices for additional analysis and sharing.