Tekneka 8100 Insulation Tester 10kV

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Dielectric Discharge Test Ratio
  • Dielectric Absorption Ratio
  • Step Voltage Test
  • Ramp Diagnostic Test
  • Polarization Index
  • Live Graph Window
  • PC Interface & Data Storage

USD: 3399.00

The Tekneka 8100 Insulation Tester 10kV is a flexible and dependable testing tool that was created with accuracy in mind. It ensures accurate assessment with a variety of testing modes, including IR, PI, DAR, DDT, STEP, RAMP, and V. Operation can be made simpler by its user-friendly 5-inch TFT LCD touch-screen display, and its durable construction is appropriate for elevations up to 2000 meters. Electrical safety is of the utmost importance and has a 600V CATIV rating. It enables thorough analysis and has a sizable data logging capacity of 2000 readings. Additionally, it provides auditory readout along with alert sounds and test result announcements at the end. Through a mobile app, connect wireless with USB 2.0 and Bluetooth. With a continuous operation time of 6 hours, enjoy extended usage. The Tekneka 8100 is the best tool for precise and efficient measurements.


The Tekneka 8100 10kV insulation tester is frequently utilized in the fields of high-voltage equipment testing, motor and generator testing, cable and wire insulation testing, electrical substations, manufacturing quality control, renewable energy systems, aircraft and aerospace, railway systems, oil and gas industry, research and development.

Packing Includes
  • Test Leads Set 3m (+ve, -ve & Guard Leads)
  • In-Built Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cord
  • Carrying Case

Tekneka 8100 Datasheet


  • 8100………………… Insulation Tester 10kV Kit
  • 8100P-03m….. Test Leads Set with 3 Meter Length of Large Clamp Opening (3 nos.)
  • 8100P-10m…… Test Leads Set with 10 Meter Length of Large Clamp Opening (3 nos.)
  • 8100P-15m……. Test Leads Set with 15 Meter Length of Large Clamp Opening (3 nos.)